Everyday Life Part 2 is the second episode in Diddy Kong Adventures Volume 1.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This entire episode is a spoof of Pokemon.
    • The Pokemon theme song can be heard in the background of the episode.
  • The following characters evolve in this episode:
    • Diddy Kong evolves into "Diddy Kong Laser Bot Warrior", and then into "Didopolis: Ultimate Diddy Kong Warrior".
    • Dixie Kong evolves into "What Would Appear to be the Same Dixie Kong Except BOOM! I'm Wearing a Gravity Belt!"
    • Bugucky Birdy evolves into "Bugucko Birdy: Level Two Warrior of the Apocalypse".
    • Buzy Bee evolves into "Buzy Bee Level X: Warrior of the Bee Hive", and then into "Buzy Bee Level Z: Diamond Warrior".

Running Gags Edit

  • The characters evolving like in Pokemon.
  • Teddy being stuck in the bathroom.